Expert on Paper Edge Protector Machine and Paper Honeycomb Machine

As a professional paper making  machine manufacturer in China, our main products involve paper edge protector, honeycomb paper making machine, and paper corner cutting machine. San machinery is widely used in packaging and furniture industry and so on. Our company  adheres to the principle of leading technology, high quality, with reasonable structure, perfect configuration, to provide customers with the best choice and the best after-sales service.

Paper Edge Board Machine

Paper edge protector refers to the machine of paper angle production. Generally it is composed of paper guide, gluing, forming, cutting, automatic stacking and other devices and some accessories, which can complete all the process of paper angle manufacturing. Paper edge protector machine of San machinery can basically meet all your needs for making paper edge.
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Honeycomb Paper Machine

The honeycomb paper making machine in this catalog include a complete production line, also capable of making honeycomb paper cores and laminate honeycomb paperboards separately. Honeycomb paper making machine of San machinery has advanced cutting structure and technology, high cutting speed. With high degree of automation and lower loss, the honeycomb paperboard yield up to 98%. The honeycomb caliber is regular and uniform, which is easy and convenient to operation for workers. The honeycomb paper making machine performance is stable and reliable, taking the lead position in China.
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    Adhere to the principle of user first, one-stop services.
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    After-sales installation and commissioning, one year warranty, all life follow-up service.
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    Export to dozens of countries, advanced technology and stable manufacturing quality.
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    16 years of experience on this industry, professional and trustworthy.


  • Q How to store edge protectors?

    Put ready protectors on flat floor with two legs touching the floor.

  • Q What should be cleaned after production?

    After work, you must clean glue feeding container (upper one with level switch), glue scraping tubes, square plate for glue. No need to clean glue pump and big glue container every time. No need to unload adhesive stand, no need to clean all parts and no need to unload paper.

  • Q Which kind of temperature and humidity needed for ready edge protectors?

    No special requirements to store ready edge protectors. Put protectors in normal storing places. 

  • Q Is there any English manual?

    The English manual will be provided after machine delivery. The manual and related electrical drawings will be sent by email.

  • Q How about parts supply?

    One year spare parts are along with machine. More parts will be charged and will be sent by fast express whenever you need.

  • Q How about requirements for workshop?

    Normal cement floor workshop is enough. No need for special foundation. We will send specific layout drawing according to your requirements.