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Edge Board Machine Applied for Boxes

Honeycomb carton box, honeycomb boxes are made of honeycomb cardboard by stamping, cutting and pasting. Paper edge protector is pasted at the interface of cardboard to strengthen.

According to the actual demand can be designed into the integral type, combined type (detachable), integrated bottom support and other different configurations, more conducive to handling, loading and unloading.

With low weight and strong loading ability, the Honeycomb carton can be customized according to the size or specifications of the goods by honeycomb board machine, mainly used to replace the wooden cases used for transportation. Compared with wooden case, its buffering performance is 2~8 times higher and its weight is 55 ~75% lighter.

Honeycomb carton box has the advantages of fast combination, time-saving and labor-saving. And with exquisite workmanship and good sealing performance, it can save a lot of wood resources. It is a new environment-friendly packaging product recognized and promoted internationally.

Honeycomb carton box series products not only have the characteristics of extrusion resistance, buffer resistance, strong shockproof ability and etc. Honeycomb carton box has a very good protection performance for the objects in the box and can be specially processed to achieve the effect of waterproof or moisture-proof.

Honeycomb carton box can be used in packaging industry, stone industry, home appliance industry, furniture industry, electronic communication, mechanical and electrical industry, clothing and other fields.

Honeycomb carton box follows the development trend of international packaging materials application in the future.