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The Operation of Slitting and Rewinding Machine and the Method to Solve the Paper Breakage of Slitting and Rewinding Machine

1. The operation of the slitting and rewinding machine is easy

The slitting and rewinding machine is easy to operate and has a very reasonable structure. The structural characteristics of the slitting and rewinding machine are that it rewinds in the center of the two rewinding shafts, and lifts up and down in the fixed groove; and adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation motor drive and the constant tension control system, and the correction adopts the photoelectric automatic deviation correction system; when the material is cut off, it automatically stops. device, emergency stop function, and keep the tension unchanged.

The unwinding shaft of the slitting and rewinding machine adopts a tension inflatable shaft, and the rewinding shaft adopts a tension inflatable shaft; at the same time, it also has a pneumatic feeding mechanism, a pneumatic unloading mechanism, and an inflatable shaft positioning; its shearing circular knife slitting, It can adapt to the cutting of materials of different properties; it is also equipped with a fan, which uses wind to blow the edge material; the feeding length is automatically counted. It can be seen that the slitting and rewinding machine can achieve high-quality roll paper, and a very important point is its structural advantage. The reel must be pulled from one end under pressure when winding or unwinding. If you pull too far, roll tension adjustment will suffer, resulting in imperfect transport rollers or poor print registration. Pull rolls are used to isolate roll tension or to assist elastic, brittle material through the roll. The line speed is determined by the pull roll between the slitter rewinder and the uncoiler.

2. The method to solve the paper break of the slitting and rewinding machine

After the slitter rewinder is used for a period of time, it is inevitable that this or that problem will occur. The same is true for the slitting and rewinding machine. Everyone may have encountered the paper breakage of the slitting and rewinding machine, so what are the methods to solve the paper breaking of the slitting and rewinding machine?

When the slitter rewinder starts, the tension is different, so the paper breaks. Also, check to see if there is a problem with the original paper. See the tension and tearing of the base paper? How to adjust the slitting and rewinding machine? The circular knife of the slitting and rewinding machine is broken; the angle of the knife is not adjusted correctly; the whole paper must be adjusted (on the same horizontal line) before the slitting device; the moisture content of the base paper is low and the paper is brittle.

There is no problem with the adjustment. Basically, the base paper can be determined, and the quantification of the base paper is poor. Reverse the rule: first make sure that it is not the problem of the base paper. Then slowly debug the slitter rewinder. The paper is wrinkled, which may be brought by the base paper; the unwinding base paper also has such waves, which may be caused by the uneven moisture of the base paper; check the quantitative basis of the base paper in the entire horizontal direction of the slitting and rewinding machine, and the moisture is uneven, causing the longitudinal direction when unwinding The tension is not uniform, it is recommended to adjust the lower middle and high rollers.

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