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Edge Board Machine Applied for Packages

In packages can use paper edge board to protector the edge of the goods. It can be used in steel plants, paper industry, refractories, home appliances, liquor & beverages, seafood industry, textiles, bulk rugs, glass, plywood, etc.

Edge board is the right solution to prevent your products from damage during handling, storage and transportation. Product manufacturers and packaging experts worldwide have adopted edge board as an innovative solution to save products from damage.

Advantages of edge board: optimum protection, alternative to expensive packaging materials, saving in cost, time and materials, 100% recyclable and environmental friendly material.

The Use of Paper Corner Protection:

1. The edge protection of pallet packaging can effectively pack the goods into a whole; increase the stacking strength and relieve the impact.

2. The protection of furniture and decoration can improve the safety of transportation and construction.

3. The paper edge board machine manufactures of all kinds of boards prevents damage to the goods caused by bumps.

4. Enhance the strength and stacking capacity of ordinary cartons.

5. Surface and edge protection of other products.

6. Production of corrugated boxes and honeycomb cardboard boxes.

Application of Honeycomb Paperboard

Honeycomb cardboard is popular in the market for its light weight, low price, high strength and recyclability, especially in the Netherlands, the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions, and has become a new type of green packaging with resource saving and environmental protection. Honeycomb  packaging box is the ideal packaging for China's export commodities. The promotion and application of honeycomb packaging box, on the one hand, can reduce the rate of breakage of goods in the process of circulation; on the other hand, honeycomb packaging box can replace wooden boxes and reduce costs.

Honeycomb cardboard in heavy-duty packaging shows great superiority. Honeycomb packaging box made by honeycomb board machine can make multi-layer corrugated cardboard is difficult to do thick wallpaper, box edge with kraft paper corner protection or high-strength corrugated cardboard heaven and earth cover up, to replace or partially replace the now a large number of wooden box packaging, paper instead of wood, reduce costs and save forest resources. Removable honeycomb packaging box: heat and pressure resistance, easy disassembly does not take up space, low price, strong resistance to rebellion, dry resistance, water and moisture resistance (can be covered with PET film), insect and moth resistant anti-corrosion, etc.

In short, honeycomb cardboard mass production achieved by honeycomb paperboard machine, can be used in the mechanical and electrical industry for packaging heavy mechanical and electrical products, such as: engines, automobile cylinders, motorcycles, high-voltage electrical appliances, heavy machine parts, etc.; in the electronic appliances and instrumentation industry, can be used for packaging such as computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, picture tubes, televisions, various electrical products, and high-precision instruments and other products; in the building materials industry, honeycomb cardboard is a good material for packaging flat glass and sanitary ceramics, In the building materials industry, honeycomb board is a good material for packing flat glass and sanitary ceramics and sanitary ware, which can greatly reduce the breakage rate of fragile items such as glass and ceramics in the transportation process.