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Characteristics and Applications of Honeycomb Cardboard Panels

Characteristics of Honeycomb Cardboard Panels

  • Lightweight, requires less material, and cost-effective. Compared with other types of cardboard, honeycomb cardboard panels have the highest strength/mass ratio, which makes their performance/price ratio better. This is the key to the success of honeycomb cardboard panels.

  • High strength, flat surface, and not easily deformed. The honeycomb structure is nearly isotropic, which provides excellent stability and resistance to deformation. Its outstanding compressive and bending strength are the most important characteristics required for box packaging materials.

  • Good shock resistance and cushioning performance. Honeycomb cardboard panel is made of flexible paper core and surface paper, which has good toughness and resilience. The unique honeycomb core structure provides excellent cushioning performance and has higher unit volume energy absorption value compared to all other cushioning materials. Thick honeycomb cardboard panels can replace the widely used EPS plastic foam cushioning pads.

  • Sound absorption and heat insulation. The honeycomb structure forms closed chambers filled with air, which provides good sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.

  • Pollution-free and in line with modern environmental trends. Honeycomb cardboard panels are made entirely of recyclable paper materials and can be 100% recycled after use.

Applications of Honeycomb Cardboard Panels

  • Honeycomb cardboard panel pallets. Thicker honeycomb cardboard panels with thick cardboard surface can be used to make large pallets, which are lightweight and strong, and can replace the wooden pallets used in the export packaging industry and domestic transport industry, reducing deforestation and protecting the ecological environment.

  • Heavy-duty packaging boxes. Honeycomb cardboard panels show great superiority in heavy-duty packaging. It can be used to make thick-walled cardboard, which is difficult for multi-layer corrugated cardboard to handle. The box edges are protected by cowhide paper corners or high-strength corrugated cardboard top and bottom covers, replacing or partially replacing the wooden box packaging that is already widely used. Using paper instead of wood lowers costs and saves forest resources. The honeycomb box is removable and has heat resistance, pressure resistance, easy dismantling without occupying space, low price, strong anti-reversal ability, drought resistance, water resistance (can be covered with PET film), and insect/moth/decay resistance, etc.

  • Inner cushioning pads. Honeycomb cardboard panels can be made into different shapes without molds, only with simple cutting and creasing tools to make inner cushions that fit the shape of the product. They can replace the EPS foam pads in the packaging box, solving the serious problem of white pollution caused by plastic foam and reducing the volume of the packaging container, reducing packaging materials and transportation costs.