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Is the Honeycomb Board Machine Promising?

Ⅰ. About honeycomb cardboard panels

The calls for maintaining forest resources and reducing "white pollution" require the packaging industry to find a substitute for real wood. Therefore, it is necessary to actively develop and use new packaging materials to replace wood packaging materials to reduce the amount of natural wood. The performance, low price and environmental protection of honeycomb cardboard panels have opened up ideas for companies that are currently looking for alternatives to wooden packaging and pallets. Honeycomb cardboard panels are new type of packaging material after corrugated cardboard. The production and application of them are developed from the creation and application of honeycomb technology. Because it has plane compressive strength, the honeycomb cardboard panels can be used for the upper and lower decking of the pallet, and can also be used as the stringer or spacer of the pallet. At this time, it should be processed by combining several layers of thicker honeycomb cardboard panels according to the standard size of the stringer or pad. It is precisely because of the appearance of honeycomb paper pallets that the pallet industry and the entire packaging industry are a milestone development.

Ⅱ. The development of honeycomb panel machine

In the process of circulation, products may be affected by various external factors, causing product contamination, damage, leakage or deterioration, resulting in product decline or loss of use value. Scientific and reasonable packaging can make the product resist the damage of various external elements, thereby ensuring the performance of the product. The honeycomb board machine is a machine for producing honeycomb cardboard panels, which can be glued with paper core or face paper, and you can choose freely.

Honeycomb paper products touch all walks of life, mainly in the fields of packaging and construction. Substituting paper for plastic and paper for wood is the general trend, and its prospects and benefits are widely optimistic. The production line of honeycomb cardboard panels has good elasticity, high cushioning performance and strong shock resistance during production. Its main feature is to save materials, it can make plates with a thickness of more than 10mm, and the amount of paper is less. San Machinery honeycomb board machine is a machine for making honeycomb board. The honeycomb panel machine is made of honeycomb structure according to the principle of bionics.

Honeycomb cardboard panels is very popular in the market for its light weight, low price, high strength and recyclability, especially in the Netherlands, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, and has become a new type of green packaging that saves resources and maintains the environment. Honeycomb cardboard panels have a wide range of uses. Some honeycomb cardboard panels are compounded with other materials. They can be used in building doors, non-load-bearing inner partition walls, half walls, interior decoration and movable rooms, and can also be used in furniture production. Bedboards, bookcases, etc. So honeycomb board machines for making honeycomb paperboard will also become more and more popular.