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The Function and Application of Honeycomb Packaging Box

Honeycomb paper is made from kraft paper, which is stretched into a three-dimensional honeycomb unit and layered into a three-dimensional honeycomb cushion. The wrapped product is not easy to leak and can provide good buffering and protective effects. So what are the advantages of honeycomb packaging box, and what are the applications of  honeycomb packaging box?

Advantages of honeycomb packaging box

What are the advantages of honeycomb packaging box:

  • Environmentally friendly and degradable, honeycomb paper made from pure wood pulp can degrade in nature;

  • Good cushioning and shock absorption performance. The stretched three-dimensional honeycomb unit has good cushioning and shock absorption performance when stacked together;

  • Honeycomb packaging boxes are exquisite and beautiful, providing customers with a good unpacking experience;

  • Honeycomb paper packaging does not require the use of tape to fix and scissors to cut, making packaging convenient and efficient;

  • Diverse colors are available and can be customized, and there is always one that matches the temperament of your product.

Functions of honeycomb packaging box

  • Lightweight, less material, and low cost. Compared with other structures, honeycomb boards have a good cost performance ratio.

  • High strength, smooth surface, no deformation. The structure is very stable, and its excellent compression and bending performance are important performance requirements of packaging materials.

  • Good impact resistance and cushioning. It is composed of flexible paper core and surface paper, with good toughness and elasticity. The unique honeycomb sandwich structure provides good cushioning performance.

  • Sound insulation and heat insulation. The interior of the honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed small room filled with air, which has good sound insulation performance.

At the same time, these packaging materials conform to the modern environmental protection trend. These are made of recyclable paper materials, which can be recycled after use. Compared with wooden boxes, its weight and performance are increased by 5 to 8 times. This combination is fast, time-saving, labor-saving, good in process, good in sealing performance, and can save a lot of wood resources.

Applications of honeycomb packaging box

The honeycomb packaging box series products have strong anti-squeezing, cushioning, and impact resistance features, and have good protection performance for the items inside the box. After special treatment, they can also be waterproof and moisture-proof. They can be used in the packaging industry, home appliances industry, mechanical and electrical machinery, clothing industry, etc. With the increasing attention to environmental protection around the world and the country's restrictions on plastic packaging, honeycomb packaging paper has become one of the mainstream buffering and protective packaging materials today. The beautiful and neat style of  honeycomb packaging box makes the product look more classy, effectively enhancing the customer's unpacking experience.