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What Are the Precautions for the Daily Management of the Slitting and Rewinding Machine?

1. The slitting and rewinding machine

The slitting and rewinding machine is a machine that can slit and wind mica tapes, paper, non-woven fabrics and other products. After the paper product is formed, it must be processed by the slitting and rewinding machine, and the paper after processing is more uniform. The working principle of the slitting and rewinding machine is very simple. The slitting and rewinding machine relies on the self weight of the reeling roller and the frictional force of the rotation of the cold cylinder to drive the paper from the reeling machine to be evenly wound. The slitting and rewinding machine Make the paper more uniform and can meet the needs of different paper.

2. Attention details of daily management of slitting and rewinding machine

Before starting the slitting and rewinding machine, it should be checked to confirm that the technical status of the slitting and rewinding machine and the surrounding environment meet the safety requirements. Confirm that the power supply is normal, and check that the compressed air pressure meets the requirements. Before the production line starts running, prepare the required paper tubes, packaging and tools, and thread the guide cloth in and around according to the prescribed route. In the process of wire cutting, adjust and set the vertical cutting knife spacing according to the product width specification. Check the relevant information on the control panel or touch screen to adjust and confirm the current status of the winder. Insert the winding rod to be used into the paper tube and inflate at the correct location. According to the requirements of the production notice (roller length or diameter), select the automatic roll change mode, and input the corresponding set value (usually the set value of the roll length).

The paper slitting and rewinding machine selects the tension control method (usually constant tension control) according to the product performance index, and sets the corresponding value, but the smaller tension should be taken before starting the machine. Put the prepared winding rod in the correct position, and start the winding machine after meeting the starting conditions. After each replacement of the coil, the spare wire rod should be replenished in time.

During the preparation phase, the trigger switch of the cross cutter (if configured) should be in the "safe" (ie pressed) state, and should remain in the "dangerous" (ie unplugged) state after the switch is activated. When the product is unloaded, personnel are only allowed to work on the side, and are not allowed to stay in the front; it is forbidden to enter the warning area or stay in the warning area in the state of roller changing. After the product cloth roll is dropped, the product identification and packaging shall be done well, and records shall be made in time. When restarting production after a mid-failure shutdown, the current length should be reset to ensure that the volume length meets customer requirements.

When the slitting and rewinding machine is in the manual state, a new command can be issued only after the issued action command is completed, otherwise it is easy to damage the equipment. When the slitter rewinder is in operation, especially when the roll is changed automatically, someone must monitor it. When there are signs of danger to personal, equipment and property safety, press the emergency stop switch in time to ensure safe production.