Honeycomb Paper Machine

Honeycomb paper making machine includes a complete production line, which can be divided into two parts: honeycomb paper core line and honeycomb paperboard lamination line. The former is used to produce a honeycomb paper core, and the latter is a honeycomb paperboard lamination line that covers the honeycomb paper core with surface paper and then laminates it into a honeycomb paperboard.

Honeycomb paper making machine consists of the following 11 parts:

Heavy load hydraulic paper stand; Paper core gluing machine; Paper core conveying pressing machine; Dryer;  Paper cutter;  Paper core conveyer;  Motors and electrical parts; Expanding platform; Expanding dryer; Heavy load hydraulic paper stand; Laminating gluing machine 1; Hot re-pressing machine 1; Laminating gluing machine 2;  Hot re-pressing machine 2; Cold pressing machine; Slitting machine:trimming(outsourcing); Transverse cutting machine; Collecting Platform; Automatic stacking machine(outsourcing); Electrical control.

Honeycomb Paper Machine For Sale

  • Honeycomb Paper Core Machine

    The production line is capable of one-stop automatic production of honeycomb paper core. The biggest advantage of this production line lies in high automation and low labor cost.
  • Honeycomb Paper Lamination Machine

    Glue surface paper on both sides of the honeycomb paper core, then laminate to honeycomb paperboard. The honeycomb paperboard can be quickly dried by heating and cooling. So as to ensure that the machine can run at high speed.
  • Honeycomb Paperboard Machine

    This is the whole production to produce honeycomb paperboard, it can produce 4 different cell sizes on the same device. High cutting efficiency and fully automatic production.

Advantages of Honeycomb Paper Making Machine

The simultaneous unwinding of 8 rolls of paper in the present invention refers to the change in the number of paper tapes brought about by changes in the production height of the paper core. In the case of the same width of the paper roll, the balance is adjusted by adjusting the number of paper rolls to ensure the polymerization of the paper strips. Later, the aspect ratio of the section can be within a reasonable range. The constant tension control of the present invention has a set of tension rollers between the paper roll and the gluing process, which can control the conveyance of the paper belt with constant tension. The honeycomb paperboard machine is a kind of equipment that produces honeycomb paperboard. Both the paper core and the surface paper can be coated with glue, free choice. Equipped with paper core and facial paper synchronization testing equipment to ensure the consistency of paper core stretch and the synchronization of facial paper bonding. Gluing unit, pneumatic and mechanical lifting combination, quantitative adjustment of glue amount, uniform glue application. Cutting unit, servo motor drive, synchronous cutting, high cutting precision. The man-machine operation interface is simple and user-friendly. After being put on the market, customer satisfaction to our honeycomb paper machine is high, and the praise rate continues to rise.

Features of Honeycomb Paper Making Machine

  • fully automatic, easy to operate, reduce the human cost and greatly reduce the cost of materials

  • high precision

  • main electric parts use imported well-known brand

  • environment-friendly, Renewable, Recyclable

  • simple installation