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Why Do More and More People Choose to Use Honeycomb Cardboard Packaging?

In the logistics and freight industry, product packaging is the focus of many people's attention. Now more and more companies will choose honeycomb cardboard boxes and other honeycomb cardboard packaging as the outer packaging of their products. So, what is the advantage of using honeycomb cardboard packaging?

Ⅰ. Why choose honeycomb cardboard packaging?

First of all, let's first understand what a honeycomb cardboard box is. The honeycomb cardboard box is made of honeycomb cardboard and paper corners by bonding, which can replace wooden boxes, facilitate the smooth progress of foreign trade and export, and is a passport to the international market. At the same time, the packaging of honeycomb cardboard is free of fumigation and disinfection, and can be directly exported with the goods, 100% recycled and recycled. And it also has good impact resistance, good cushioning, light weight, low cost, etc., and can be widely used in medical equipment, ceramics, precision instruments, electromechanical products, etc. In addition, the packaging specifications of honeycomb cardboard panels can be customized according to the corresponding specifications and sizes of different products. After special treatment, the honeycomb cardboard is more waterproof and moisture-proof, ensuring that the user can get the desired product packaging.

The honeycomb paperboard is made of kraft paper. It is stretched into a three-dimensional honeycomb unit and stacked to form a three-dimensional honeycomb liner. The wrapped product is not easy to spill and can play a good cushioning and protection effect. So what are the advantages of honeycomb cardboard packaging? What are the packaging applications of honeycomb cardboard?

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of honeycomb cardboard packaging?

The packaging advantages of honeycomb cardboard:

1. Environmentally friendly and degradable, honeycomb cardboard is made of pure wood pulp paper and can be degraded in nature;

2. Good cushioning and shock absorption performance. The stretched three-dimensional honeycomb units are stacked together to have good cushioning and shock absorption performance;

3. The packaging of honeycomb cardboard is exquisite and beautiful, which can give customers a good unpacking experience;

4. The honeycomb cardboard produced by the honeycomb board machine does not need to be fixed with tape or cut with scissors, and the packaging is convenient and efficient;

5. The colors are various and can be customized, there is always a temperament that suits your product.

Nowadays, with the emphasis on environmental protection around the world and the restrictions on plastic products, the application of honeycomb paperboard has become more and more extensive, and it has become one of the mainstream cushioning and protective packaging materials. The packaging products of honeycomb paperboard are beautiful and tidy, which makes the products look more high-grade. Such honeycomb paperboard packaging can effectively improve the customer's unpacking experience.