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The electric honeycomb expander contributes to environmental protection and carbon economy

Whether it is in environmental protection limited plastics or low-carbon economy, it is better to use honeycomb paper as a cushioning package. After the honeycomb paper is stretched, it can reach 1.4-1.5 times, which reduces the use of consumables and achieves a better packaging protection effect. The honeycomb paper stretching machine is a supporting equipment for honeycomb paper core processing. It can fully heat and dry the honeycomb paper core, evaporate the water in it, and then stretch it so that the shape of the honeycomb paper mesh is hexagonal, occupying an area Maximum, and reach the highest intensity.

The existing paper core expander is mostly manual. The manual honeycomb expander adopts manual method, which needs to be stretched while packaging. This type of operation will reduce the packaging efficiency, take a long time, and the stretched honeycomb paper may stretch uneven tension on both sides, so that the three-dimensional effect of the honeycomb paper will be uneven, which will affect the effect of cushioning packaging. . With the popularity of honeycomb paper, electric honeycomb board machine will be the future trend of use due to the requirements of packaging efficiency. Honeycomb paper is in its infancy. If you want to increase the demand for honeycomb paper and become popular, it must be very efficient and convenient to use, so the electric honeycomb paper stretching machine will lead the development trend of honeycomb paper. The electric honeycomb paper stretching machine saves time and labor costs more than manual ones. When you set the left and right stretching and the tension is average, you can easily eject the paper with only an electric switch. In this way, while increasing the packaging speed, it also increases the labor efficiency.

In summary, the electric honeycomb expander can contribute to environmental protection and carbon economy.