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How to Judge Whether the Honeycomb Carton is Qualified?

The honeycomb carton is made of honeycomb cardboard by punching, cutting and pasting, and the paper corner protector is attached to the cardboard interface to strengthen it; it can be designed into different configurations such as integral type, combined type (removable), integrated bottom support type, etc. according to actual needs, conducive to handling, loading and unloading.

1. Understand the honeycomb carton

From the perspective of the function of the honeycomb carton itself, many respondents said that the honeycomb carton has a weakness, that is, the waterproof and moisture-proof functions are poor. Now, even though most of the honeycomb carton boxes used in the packaging of export commodities have been treated with waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, due to the influence of the transportation environment, the physical function indicators of the honeycomb carton boxes will decrease when they are wet or seriously exposed to water, resulting in damage to the products inside. cause economic losses. In addition, the strength of the honeycomb carton is also a major concern, and the puncture strength and edge compression strength need to be improved. Therefore, now honeycomb carton can only replace wooden box packaging in a certain range, and cannot completely replace it.

There are many links in the production of honeycomb carton box. If one link is not well grasped, unqualified products will be produced. How should unqualified products be inspected? There are many honeycomb carton manufacturers, including large honeycomb cardboard manufacturers and small manufacturers. Some small manufacturers do not pay attention to the production process, so some unqualified honeycomb cartons will be produced. So which ones are unqualified honeycomb cartons?

2. How to judge whether the honeycomb carton is qualified?

The honeycomb carton box is unqualified in the first category: the honeycomb carton is not fully functional or has problems, mainly as follows: the joints are not fully bonded, the tape joints are incomplete or the joints are insufficiently sewn, and the edge covers cut into the sides of the honeycomb carton cannot be butted. The gap is greater than 3mm; the moisture content of the cardboard is higher than 20% or lower than 5%; the non-indentation part of the honeycomb carton is bent; the printing of the box surface is incomplete or the graphics and text are vague, and the honeycomb carton does not take anti-skid measures as required.

The honeycomb carton box is unqualified in the second category: the appearance of the honeycomb carton is not good, but it does not affect its use function. The main manifestations are: rough grooved or honeycomb carton die-cutting, and the surface of the cardboard has washboard-like unevenness, which affects the quality of printed graphics and text.

Three types of honeycomb carton are unqualified: the size is out of the allowable error range; the quality is lower than the specified minimum value: the indentation line is cracked or the paper surface is cut off, the surface is torn, dismantled, there are holes or the cover flaps are irregular and glued with excess cardboard sheets; printing errors, incomplete printing or faulty color patterns; contamination by foreign substances.

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