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Lubrication Treatment for Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Slitting and Rewinding Machine uses a large motor to drive the shaft for rewinding and unwinding. The magnetic powder clutch is added to the rewinding and unwinding shafts, and the resistance produced by manipulating the current of magnetic powder clutch is used to control the tension of the material surface. So, what are the common basic knowledge of the Slitting and Rewinding Machine?

1. The common basic knowledge of the Slitting and Rewinding Machine

(1) Frequency converter drives the main dragging motor, providing motion and power for the transmission mechanisms;

(2) The touch screen serves as the human-machine interface, accepting operator's instructions, setting and displaying various operating parameters;

(3) Unwinding tension control system adopts constant tension unwinding to ensure that the raw materials will not deform or wrinkle during the slitting process;

(4) Rewinding tension control system adopts constant torque rewinding, making the wound products loose or tight appropriately and having a neat end face;

(5) The correction control system corrects the deviation caused by various factors during the raw material or transmission process, keeping the slitting edge always in the center of metalized film isolation zone.

We know that we need to adjust the paper slitting and rewinding machine before using it, and we must be familiar with the adjustment work. When we operate and use such machinery, we all need to understand these basic knowledge of the machinery and use them correctly, which is very important.

2. How to lubricate the Slitting and Rewinding Machine?

The Slitting and Rewinding Machine is a mechanical equipment that slits wide paper, mica tape, or film into multiple narrow materials. We can lubricate the machine according to the following methods:

The method for lubricating the paper slitter rewinder machine is as follows: (1) The internal gears in the gear package have been lubricated with grease when the machine left factory, and need to be lubricated every six months. (2) When the transmission chains and gears are lack of oil, yellow grease should be added immediately. (3) Regularly check the lubrication of the reducer of the Slitting and Rewinding Machine. When the reducer is lack of oil, gear oil should be added immediately. (4) Do not use chemicals with corrosive properties to wipe the embossing wheel, rubber wheel, and take-up shaft. (5) Regularly check the brake pads of the unwinding shaft and the waste material shaft. When the brake pads are excessively worn, they should be updated immediately. (6) Check the gas source processor regularly every month to see if there are any abnormalities. When it is lack of oil, use non-corrosive lubricating oil to lubricate it. (7) Regularly check the lubrication of the bushing and shaft on the take-up shaft. Use non-corrosive lubricating oil for lubrication.