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San Machinery

San (Qingdao) Machinery was established in March 2005, based on the tenets of providing professional services wholeheartedly, supplying trustworthy and high-efficiency products, helping employees build strong selves and live a prosperous life, and contributing to the development and progress of human society. In conformity with the management philosophy of being responsible, leading and realistic, "San" people are summing up experience and innovating constantly in sales and service, and sparing no effort to be a leading integrated service paper cutting machine manufacturer for paper machines and paper converting machines in China.

Following the working style of being attentive, rigorous, professional, persistent, and simple, carrying on the enterprising spirit of being a gentleman, promoting righteousness, following the right way, doing the right thing, and making honest money, "San Machinery" people are optimizing service quality and improving technological level constantly. By years of hard work, San's partners have been spreading throughout China and its products have been exported to the continents of Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Facing the future filled with both opportunities and challenges, with marketing development and technology development as center and manufacture and sales as a carrier. 

The supplying machines are as follows: 

1. Honeycomb paper production lines, honeycomb board machines and honeycomb paper pallet machines.
2. Paper edge protector machines, slip sheet machines, paper slitter and rewinder machines.
3. Honeycomb paper expander machines.
4. Honeycomb board cutter machines, paper edge protector cutter machines.
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San Machinery