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Common Problems and Solutions of Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Slitting and rewinding machine is an important equipment, it is usually used for slitting paper, plastic film and other raw materials before and after printing. The raw material manufacturers must complete this process to meet the width requirements of customers and other packaging manufacturers. In order to adapt to automatic bag-making process, using slitting and rewinding machine to cut the fixed width printed composite film into finished film roll. With the improvement of flexible packaging automation, consumer-goods manufacturers focus on reducing inefficiencies and pollution in the intermediate links, some manufacturers are gradually changing the technological process and replacing manual packaging with more automated automatic packaging lines.

Ⅰ. Common problems and solutions of slitting and rewinding machine

Slitting and rewinding machine is an important equipment in paper processing industry, which is used almost every day by paper enterprises. It will affect the production process and the manufacturer will lose some money if there is a break down. Generally speaking, the slitting and rewinding machine will often appears some tricky problems if you do not pay attention to the daily maintenance.

1. The paper spreader does not roll correctly. This situation mostly is caused by the inapplicability of the paper core. In this case, replace the paper core that meets the required inner diameter. In addition, in the rewinding process, the use of rewinding pressure rollers can also avoid uneven slitting and rewinding.

2. Slitting coiling makes material wrinkling. This is mainly caused by incorrect winding tension. Adjust the proper winding tension of paper slitting machine. The reel is used for rewinding, the slitting and rewinding machine is overpressured before entering the rolling core.

3. The meter is not accurate. You can solve this problem by making the meter wheel and both wheels contact the feed roller at the same time.

Ⅱ. How to maintain slitting and rewinding machine

1. Check the thickness of the brake friction plate of the slitting and rewinding machine made by paper rewinder machine manufacturers, you have to replace it when there is serious abrasion.

2. Check whether the linear guide rails of slitting and rewinding machine are clean, clean it when it is necessary.

3. Check whether the belt of slitting and rewinding machine maintains proper tension.

4. Check whether there is air leakage in the air duct of slitting and rewinding machine and whether the air filter is clean. Clean the filter element at least once a month.

5. Check the surface of all rubber covered roll of slitting and rewinding machine, do not touch the slitting knife to prevent from damaging the surface. Remember to use 1 liter of cleaning solution (warm water with soap or a low surface tension solvent) to wipe the roller gently with a flannelless cloth every week.

6. Check the filter screen of slitting and rewinding machine exhaust fan. Please replace it in time if there is too much dirt and stain attached or it is not clean.

7. When the roller is dirty, it can be cleaned with spinning cloth dipped in industrial alcohol, however it should be noted that some old parts of the slitting and rewinding machine can not be wiped with alcohol so as to avoid the rust.