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What Are the Structural Advantages of Slitting and Rewinding Machine?

Every time you pick up a roll of paper towels at your local grocery store, have you ever wondered how such a long piece of paper is perfectly cut by the manufacturer and tightly rolled together? So how is such a long piece of paper cut? Of course, a machine makes miracles happen, and this machine is a slitting and rewinding machine. So how does the slitting and rewinding machine work? What are the structural advantages of it?

Ⅰ. How does the slitting and rewinding machine work?

The slitting and rewinding machine takes a large roll of material and trims it into smaller, commercially valuable objects. The demand for slitting and rewinding machines can be traced back to the invention of the printing press. With the increasing demand for paper, paper rewinder machine manufacturers came up the great ideas.

Depending on the technology used, the slitting and rewinding machine will have one or two blades to cut large pieces of material into uniform sizes. Doing so will mean undoing the entire scroll. The slitter cuts the material by sliding over the sheet. Until it reaches the end of the roll, however, unraveling will mean that spreading all the sheets on the floor and rolling them back together can cause significant pain to the neck. And this is where the rewinder comes in. It rewinds all the paper that has been cut and lost. The process is basically like this: untie, cut, and rewind.

Ⅱ. The structural advantages of slitting and rewinding machine

There is a paper tube main shaft in the middle of the slitting and rewinding machine. The front end of the main shaft is fixed on the base with a set of bearings. A collection of center bearings has a pulley, which is close to the orientation device of the paper tube. The bottom has a compression cylinder. The upper end of the cylinder support rod is provided with support rod bearings to support the main shaft. The upper end of the slitting rewinder is equipped with the main knife shaft, which is installed on several blades and arranged according to a certain gap; the top of the slitting rewinder is also equipped with the main knife shaft to support the frame, and a support cylinder is provided in the center of the support frame.

Material preparation: Plastic packaging materials, packaging materials, cartons, steel plates, films, leather, wood chips, and other raw materials are all cut to finished coils or cut to length before using the slitting and rewinding machine.

When the machine is rolling: The brake on the slitting and rewinding machine maintains the tension of the product so that the product breaks quickly when the paper is broken, reducing the product loss. Rollers cut the product into the required width and a longitudinal cutting mechanism to achieve the necessary diameter and tightness. The main structural parameters of the re-roller are the processing width and the maximum speed of the product, followed by the maximum diameter and transmission mode of the roller and the re-roller.