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The Difference Between Corrugated Carton Box and Honeycomb Carton Box

Ⅰ. The differences between the corrugated carton and honeycomb carton box

There is a big difference between a corrugated box and a honeycomb carton box. By definition, a corrugated box is a rigid paper container made of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is made by die-cutting, creasing, nailing, or gluing. The honeycomb carton box is made by the process of punching, cutting, and pasting.

Experiments such as destructive drop, palletizing of heavy objects, and rolling of the actual installation show that the breakage rate of fragile items in the honeycomb carton is 50% to 97%, which is lower than that of the corrugated carton. In terms of load-bearing, the load-bearing capacity of the corrugated carton is not allowed to exceed 50 kg. The load-bearing ability of the honeycomb carton box can reach several hundred kilograms. It is far more load-bearing than corrugated boxes, and it avoids cumbersome matters such as fumigation and quarantine of wooden boxes. A weight of 600 kg is placed on the empty container for three months without deformation, and no polystyrene liner is required; the weight ratio of the corrugated box with the exact specification is 2:5, which can save 60% of the cardboard. The promotion and application of this kind of carton will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of commodities in the circulation process and improving the quality of packaging products. Especially for high-value jade carvings, handicrafts, etc., the honeycomb carton box is the best choice.

Ⅱ. The main features of the honeycomb carton box

Honeycomb carton boxes significantly reduce the breakage rate of fragile items. Therefore, in our daily life, we should use honeycomb cartons manufactured by honeycomb board machine more.

The honeycomb carton box is made by punching, cutting, and pasting honeycomb cardboard. The corners of the cardboard interface are pasted with paper to strengthen it. It can be designed as a whole, integrated bottom support, combined (detachable), and other different configurations according to actual needs, which is conducive to handling, loading, and unloading.

The main characteristics of honeycomb carton boxes: their cushioning performance is 2 to 8 times higher than that of wooden boxes, and their weight is 55% to 75% lighter. The material is lightweight, and the load-bearing capacity is heavy. It can be customized according to the size and specifications of the article. It is mainly used to replace wooden boxes for transportation. The honeycomb carton series products have the characteristics of anti-extrusion, anti-buffering, strong shock resistance, and so on, and have good protection performance for the objects in the box, and can be waterproof and moisture-proof through special treatment. It can be used in the packaging industry, stone industry, home appliance industry, furniture industry, electronic communication, electromechanical machinery, clothing, and other industries.