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What Are the Advantages of Using Honeycomb Cardboard Panels?

Honeycomb paperboard is made according to the principle of natural honeycomb structure. The corrugated base paper is connected into countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by the glue bonding method to form an integral force-bearing part. The paper core is bonded with facial paper on both sides to form a new type of sandwich structure of environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials.

As a new type of sandwich structure material, honeycomb paperboard is widely used in many industries, such as transportation packaging, pallets, liners, etc. of various equipment. Why is honeycomb cardboard packaging so popular? In addition to environmental protection, what other advantages does it have? Honeycomb cardboard is a new packaging material made of pure wood pulp kraft paper. It is green and environmentally friendly, with simple and beautiful packaging, and it is very convenient and fast to use. What honeycomb paper board manufacturers are suitable for honeycomb cardboard packaging? Is the packaging cushioning effect of honeycomb cardboard good?

Ⅰ. What are the advantages of using honeycomb cardboard packaging?

1. The packaging using honeycomb cardboard panels is light in weight, less in materials, and low in cost. Relying on the characteristics of the honeycomb sandwich structure, honeycomb paperboard has a more advantageous strength and quality ratio than other boards. It uses fewer materials with the same performance, which effectively reduces the production cost. This is also the focus of businessmen choosing packaging materials.

2. The packaging using honeycomb cardboard has high strength and smooth surface. The honeycomb sandwich structure has good stability and is not easy to deform, so the honeycomb paperboard has outstanding compression resistance and bending resistance.

3. The packaging using cardboard made by honeycomb paperboard machine has good impact resistance and cushioning. Since it is unavoidable to be impacted by external forces during transportation, the honeycomb paperboard mainly composed of flexible paper core and facial paper has better toughness and resilience, and provides better cushioning for the protected products.

Ⅱ. What products are honeycomb cardboard panels suitable for?

Honeycomb cardboard packaging is often used in beauty products, ceramic crafts, and gift packaging. At present, the commonly used specifications of honeycomb paperboard packaging produced by the honeycomb packaging machine are 30cm wide, 50cm wide, and the length is from 50m to 250m. The honeycomb wrapping paper is stretched into a honeycomb three-dimensional unit, which is stacked together when wrapped, and it has good cushioning and shock absorption performance.

Ⅲ. Is the packaging and cushioning effect of honeycomb cardboard panels good?

The honeycomb cells of the honeycomb paperboard are stacked and staggered together, which not only has a good cushioning and protection effect, but also is not easy to slide. The packaging of honeycomb cardboard does not need additional tape or rope to fix it, and it can be directly packed after wrapping and protection. However, honeycomb paperboard packaging can be decorated with ribbons and twine when packaging beauty and gifts, which can enhance the beauty of the package and enhance the customer's unpacking experience.