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What is the Honeycomb Panel Machine Used For?

1. Know about honeycomb cardboard panels

With the development of society and economy, the new industrial packaging materials, honeycomb cardboard panel is used more and more widely in industry. In addition, the honeycomb cardboard panel machines which produce honeycomb cardboard panels also become more and more popular. Honeycomb cardboard panel is a new environment-friendly construction material which has been widely used in daily life. Honeycomb cardboard panel is a new paper material with excellent performance and also has many excellent properties and advantages: Low material consumption, high specific strength and specific stiffness, light weight, excellent buffering and vibration isolation performance; heat insulation and sound insulation performance is good, low cost and low price. Honeycomb cardboard panel consumes less material and it can also use recycled paper for paper core, therefore the cost of honeycomb cardboard panel is low and the price is inexpensive, it is also an environmentally friendly products without environment pollution.

2. What is honeycomb panel machine used for?

With the continuous economic growth and population increase, the shortage of energy and wood resources is more prominent, it gives more and more pressure to the environmental pressure. In the face of such severe pressure on energy, resources and environment, the main task is to reduce consumption and damage to the environment as much as possible. The advent of honeycomb materials alleviates these problems just in time. Honeycomb material is a new paper material. It has the characteristics such as: light weight, high strength and high rigidity,etc. It also has the functions such as: buffering, heat insulation, sound insulation and others. Honeycomb board machine is used in construction, furniture manufacturing, packaging, transportation and recycling. Honeycomb panel machines are used to produce such products.

Obviously, the honeycomb panel machine is used to produce honeycomb cardboard panels. Honeycomb cardboard panel usually has 5 layers: skin, adhesive, honeycomb core, adhesive, skin, the materials with high tensile and compressive strength are most suitable for outer panel skin which is aluminum, steel, glass fiber. Adhesives vary in use: high strength, high temperature, low temperature, etc. Honeycomb board is a honeycomb sandwich board with honeycomb structure as the core, it is inspired by natural hexagonal honeycomb. The unique honeycomb structure makes its weight lighter than other materials of the same volume, stiffness and overall stability is also very good, in addition, honeycomb cardboard panel also has the advantages of sound insulation and heat insulation. There is no radioactivity and volatility of using honeycomb panel machines. Honeycomb panel machine can be completely recycled and reused, thereby saving resources and energy and minimizing the pollution to the environment.