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How Does Slitting and Rewinding Machine Benefit Various Industries?

Ⅰ. How does the slitting and rewinding machine benefit various industries?

1. The slitter rewinder has helped increase the production of many necessities. The rise of the printing press is a weal or woe, and the sudden influx of demand for more durable paper has shaken the economy. Many inventions appeared before the realization of slitter rewinders. However, none of them provides a suitable solution to this problem. After that, there was Pulsifer (1901). He pioneered conversion technology development and made a breakthrough in the manufacturing industry. The convenience we know today is all due to the great thinker who thought of this concept a hundred years ago. Slitting rewinders have not received mainstream attention because they are large and cumbersome, and they only help produce simple goods.

2. The paper slitting rewinding machine makes the entire manufacturing process safer. Next, the slitter rewinder introduced a safer and faster way to cut and roll products to employees. You can't even imagine how much risk workers would take when manufacturing moved products with their bare hands. Without a slitter rewinder, workers will face indirect (work fatigue, stress, burnout) and direct danger (injury).

Due to mass production and lower labor costs, rolled goods have become cheaper. The slitter rewinder helps the company reduce labor costs and increase revenue through mass production. Using the machine allows them to sell products manufactured with the help of slitter rewinders at a lower price of paper roll slitting machine manufacturers.

Ⅱ. How to deal with the insufficient tension of paper roll slitter rewinder?

Paper roll slitting rewinder is used for paper slitting processing. San Machinery also need to solve the problem of insufficient tension when the paper roll slitting and rewinding machine processes paper. So how should we solve the problem of inadequate pressure when the paper roll slitter rewinder is processing paper?

When the voltage of the upper and lower tension controllers of the magnetic powder clutch of the paper roll slitter rewinder is adjusted to a high value, the winding tension is still insufficient, and the twisted film material is loose. At this time, we can easily grab the reel with our hands and stop and roll. This situation shows that the output torque of the magnetic powder clutch of the high-speed slitter is insufficient. The reason is generally that the magnetic powder inside decreases or fails over time. At this time, we can directly fold up the magnetic powder clutch and add new magnetic powder. Then you can recover the work.