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  • San-machinery Packaging & Shipping Info
    Packaging & Shipping Info

    Packaging Details: Film+ honeycomb board packing.

    Delivery Detail: Shipped in 60 days after payment.


  • San-machinery After-sale Service
    After-sale Service

    One year guarantee for whole machine, all life follow-up service.

    24 hours technical support by email.

    Technicians oversea set-up and workers training.

    Use- friendly English for operation system.

  • San-machinery Warranty Policy
    Warranty Policy


    • The guarantee period is 12 months since the date of goods delivery. 

    • Any quality discrepancy occurred during the period, the seller bears the responsibility to solve the problems: mending or changed another one with qualified performances.

    • If normal consumption during functional utilization, incorrect operation of the workers, or other unpredictable reasons not caused by machine, the seller shall not be responsible for the goods.

    • If need, the seller will send engineers for installation, commissioning and training on operations in the buyer’s plant. The buyer will be responsible for the round air tickets, salary (USD70/day), local transportation and accommodations during their stay.

  • Technical Help

    Equipment Installation

    Goods check. When the customer receives the machine, be sure to check the goods according to the goods list. If you find any goods you don’t understand or do not meet order requirements, please contact us in time. 

    • Ensure the goods are complete, prepared for smooth testing of machine.

    • Appearance inspection, to find if there are electrical components damaged or parts falling off during transportation.  


    • During the transportation of the san machinery, it must be noted that electrical components, steam pipes, wires, etc. are not crushed.

    • When using forklift, keep it steady to avoid crashing and overturning the goods.

    Storage environment requirement 

    • The environment without direct sunlight, dusts, corrosive gas, steam, dropping water and shake.

    Using Environment Conditions

    • The ground should be strong and flat, and the uneven foundation may cause the machine to deform.

    • Make sure there have a compressed air supply of 0.6Mpa.

    Operation Items Before Production 

    • It is very important to check if the screws of each rotating part are loose.

    • Check if the blade of the cutter is good and clamped, reinforce the screws on the cutter frame.  

    • Oil the transmission screw, track and slider on the cutter table. 

    • Test the cutter, click the “Manual cutting” button on the touch screen, to see if the blade fits with the cutter frame. Adjust the blade or replace the blade if there are problems. After confirming the blade has no problem, can adjust the screws on the cutter frame to adjust the height of cutter frame and to let the blade fit the cutter frame.