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Daily Maintenance of Slitting and Rewinding Machine

What is a slitting and rewinding machine?

A slitting and rewinding machine is a mechanical equipment that cuts wide paper, mica tapes or films into narrow strips, which is commonly used in paper-making machinery, wire and cable mica tapes, and printing and packaging machinery. The slitting and rewinding machine is mainly used for slitting mica tapes, paper, insulation materials, and films, especially for narrow strips. With the improvement of mechanization level, the requirement for winding efficiency is also increasing. The slitting and rewinding machine is also applied in other production fields that require winding.

The traditional control solution for the slitting and rewinding machine is to drive the rewinding shaft with a large motor and add a magnetic powder clutch on the expanding and contracting drum to control the tension of the material surface by adjusting the resistance generated by the electromagnetic clutch through adjusting the current. The electromagnetic clutch and brake are a special type of automatic execution mechanism that transmits torque through magnetic powder filled in the working gap and changes the magnetic state of the magnetic powder by changing the magnetic flux to adjust the torque transmission. It can realize stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed and is applicable to high-speed micro-adjustment and small and medium power speed regulation systems. It is also used in tension control systems for unwinding or rewinding, adjusting the torque by adjusting the current to ensure constant tension during winding.

How to maintain the slitting and rewinding machine in daily life?

In order not to affect the efficiency and service life of the slitter rewinder, routine maintenance is required. So what are the maintenance measures for the slitter rewinder?

Maintenance measures for the slitting and rewinding machine:

  • The electrical part of the slitting and rewinding machine should be cleaned and checked regularly to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner;

  • The use of the slitting and rewinding machine depends on the longitudinal cutting machine and the transverse cutting machine, so high-quality longitudinal cutting machine and transverse cutting machine should be used.

  • The daily maintenance of the slitting and rewinding machine should be in place to ensure smooth, clean, dust-free, and debris-free to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are intact.

  • The use of the slitting and rewinding machine requires regular and irregular inspections of rotating parts, especially real-time monitoring of wear parts, and regular adjustments and replacements, and detailed records of the reversing switch to extend the service life of the equipment.

  • Improve the technical quality and level of the slitting and rewinding machine operators, and assign special personnel for local operations, and other personnel are not allowed to operate privately.