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Basic Cleaning and Daily Maintenance of Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine

A paper slitter rewinder machine is a type of paper-making equipment. After passing through the machine, the paper becomes finished and ready to be sold. Currently, replacing DC transmissions with AC transmissions has become the development trend in the toilet paper processing equipment industry. The paper slitting and rewinding machine is generally used for rewinding and cutting mica strips, paper, and film, playing a role in dividing the material in half. It is a specialized equipment for cutting wide rolls and further cutting paper, mica strips, and films. It is also an important part of rewinding machines and toilet paper production equipment. The paper slitting and rewinding machine must be operated by a person who can master the start-up and bag-making procedures, as well as easily adjust the instruments and change parameters. The mechanical instrument debugging personnel should strictly follow the manufacturer's requirements, proficiently master the instrument performance, work procedures, operating methods, work status, fault troubleshooting, and common fault handling, and it is strictly prohibited to operate computer instruments without personnel involved. The daily basic cleaning of the paper slitter rewinder machine equipment requires maintaining the cleanliness and dryness of the computer instrument box inside and outside, and regularly checking whether the wiring terminals are loose or detached to ensure smooth circuits and air circuits.

The basic cleaning of the paper slitter rewinder machine

The basic cleaning of the paper slitting and rewinding machine includes:

  • After the equipment is shut down, the measuring section should be cleaned in time, such as sugar, indigo granules, salt, etc. The feeding tray and turntable must be cleaned every shift to prevent corrosion.

  • The body of the heat-sealing machine should be cleaned regularly, so that the texture of the sealed device is clear.

  • The light-emitting head of the photoelectric tracking, that is, the electric eye, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure small tracking errors.

  • The materials scattered on the tray should be cleaned up in time to keep the parts clean.

  • Regularly clean the dust in the electrical cabinet to avoid bad contacts and other faults. The transmission and moving parts of new paper slitter rewinder machines need to be inspected, tightened, and lubricated within one week of use. Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary in the future.

The daily maintenance of the paper slitter rewinder machine

The paper slitting and rewinding machine is mainly used to convert large rolls of single-layer rewinding and slitting machines into single-layer, double-layer or three-layer specifications, which are used for folding tissues, napkins, boxed facial tissues, etc. When using the paper slitter rewinder machine equipment, equipment failures may occur. Daily maintenance is as follows:

  • The transmission device, such as gear chains, needs to be lubricated regularly.

  • The paper slitting and rewinding machine generally has no problems, and the vulnerable parts are only small gears. If an additional one is added, the printing blade is prone to damage. After one and a half years of use, the diameter of the jumbo roll becomes thinner. It needs to be sent back to the factory for repair. If it is necessary to replace the embossing pattern on the steel roller embossing device, the steel roller needs to be sent back to the original factory for modification, and the cost is not high.