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Introduction to Honeycomb Packaging Box and Honeycomb Pallet

Understanding Honeycomb Packaging Box

Honeycomb is a strong, cost-efficient custom kraft paper material that has proven to be an ideal choice for numerous applications, including packaging, pallets, padding, furniture interiors, and signage displays. It is made by connecting individual kraft paper straps together to form a series of continuous hexagonal cells. In most cases, both sides of the honeycomb are made from similar materials to create the strongest possible product. The working principle of honeycomb is that of an I-beam. The panel's lining serves as the wing flange of the I-beam, while the core serves as its web. The flanges bear the tensile and compressive stresses on the panel's surfaces, while the webs secure the flanges to the correct sequence of flanges.

Honeycomb packaging products provide internal and external protection for your materials. From corner protectors and pads to die-cut specialty protective packaging, our honeycomb packaging machine offers the most comprehensive product protection. Unlike many EPS and PE foam molded products, honeycomb paper packaging materials are punched and molded using special stamping equipment and molds, making them a revolutionary green new product in the packaging industry. Honeycomb boards, void fillers, and paper trays are made from kraft paper and are environmentally friendly. It provides excellent protection and can be custom-designed to meet your personalized packaging needs.

Honeycomb packaging box is used in the construction, aluminum, steel, and other metal industries, as well as in brickmaking, candy making, frozen foods, household goods, appliances, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, computers, and other high-tech products, among others, due to the need to protect a large amount of surface and edges of the products. In addition, paper corner protectors can also be used in fruit transportation, not only for protection, but also for ventilation during transportation.

Understanding Honeycomb Pallet

Honeycomb paper pallets have many benefits. They are a viable, lightweight alternative to wood and plastic because they are easy to handle and won't splinter. Honeycomb pallet can handle loads of up to 2,500 pounds, and the two-way or four-way entry allows for easy forklift entry. Because it is lightweight, transportation costs are significantly reduced. Additionally, it is made from 100% paper, eliminating the cost of pallet replacement and making it completely recyclable. Honeycomb boards provide many of the characteristics associated with foam, but in a more environmentally friendly manner. With its adaptability and our custom design process, we can make this material a key component for protecting almost all fragile or brittle products.