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Composition and Dyeing of Kraft Paper Slitting Machine

Ⅰ. Introduction of slitting and rewinding machine

A slitting and rewinding machine is a new alternative product that integrates light, electricity and gas. It can be used for high-precision slitting and rewinding of various paper, thin-film, cellophane, aluminium foil, adhesive substance and plastic PVC, etc. Slitting and rewinding machines adopt upper and lower air-expanding shafts for rewinding. Magnetic powder rewinding clutch controls tension. Frequency control of the main engine; Slitting and rewinding machine is equipped with a constant speed rubber traction roller to keep the slitting speed steady. A slitting and rewinding machine can measure the length automatically. Therefore it can be set to a particular length automatic shutdown and other functions. The slitting and rewinding machine is equipped with a circular knife, flat knife device and side fan. Partial devices of slitting and rewinding machines adopt cylinders to complete the operation, making the operation more convenient and simple.

Ⅱ. What are the three parts of the kraft paper slitting machine?

Kraft paper slitting machines are mainly used for paper slitting and many textile slitting. We still need to know about the common components. What are the three parts of the kraft paper slitting machine?

1. Cloth inspection part: 1.2 meters long, 2 meters high, 2.8 meters wide, backlight cloth inspection is simple and intuitive.

2. Slitting and unwinding equipment: including six cutters, fully automatic lift, convenient sharpening skills. The actual operation of the automatic feeding arm is convenient. The unwinding adopts an air expansion shaft or surface rewinding, and the material preparation speed is fast.

3. Feeding part: 2.8 meters long, 0.8 meters wide, 1.1 meters high, the primary function is to support the cloth arrangement and automatic deviation correction device. It contains an automatic feeding arm to save the labour from loading and unloading. The hydraulic cylinder is operated optical manipulation with a drive system of guide rails and rollers and a correction unit. There is a friction tension sensor on the end face of the air expansion shaft for feeding, and the force size is adjustable.

Ⅲ. How to deal with the dyeing of kraft paper slitting machine?

The machine produced by paper roll slitting machine manufacturers is very good at disposing of the papers. We know that there will be a very good effect to use kraft paper slitting machine on paper slitting. However, there may be paper stains in the process of processing. We also need to find out the reason which causes this to happen. So how to deal with the sticky paper phenomenon of kraft paper slitting machines?

1. The raw material is not good, using cheap half-wood pulp shaft. Due to a lot of impurities, it easily appears sticky paper phenomenon in the process of use.

2. Speed ratio is different. To save cost, some manufacturers adopt the processing method of the interlayer of fine grain and large grain, which also causes equipment dyeing problems.

3. The lifting mechanism of the kraft paper slitting machine rises and falls smoothly and in parallel. The lower roller and the upper tool axis should be parallel to the lower roller, accurate distance from the lower roller, and have flexible rotation. You need to check whether all parts are complete, the connecting bolts are tightened, and the moving parts are flexible after installing and calibrating the kraft paper slitting machine. After that, add the corresponding lubricant to the related lubrication parts.