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Cleaning and Application of Honeycomb Board Machine

Ⅰ. Application of honeycomb board machine

The honeycomb paperboard of the honeycomb board machine is a new industry in the world and has strong vitality. The advantage of honeycomb products is green packaging, and it has become a trend to replace wood and plastic. Honeycomb cartons produced by its paper honeycomb machines are characterized by light weight and firmness, and they replace bulky wooden boxes. It is smooth all the way when exporting packaged products, because it bears heavy gravity and can be recycled and reused.

The most widely used honeycomb board machine can be said to be the construction industry. Honeycomb paperboard is used in many places in the construction industry, such as for processing doors, partition walls, ceilings, wall skirts, floors, siding, mobile homes, open office partitions, etc. Especially in the fields of packaging and construction, it is the general trend to use paper instead of plastic and paper to replace wood, and the prospects and benefits of honeycomb paper core machines are widely optimistic.

During the operation of the entire honeycomb paperboard production line, chains are required to drive the transportation of paper cores and paperboards. Replacing with 1 or 2 short chains can extend the life of the chain. When choosing a honeycomb board machine, considering the equipment. This will not delay normal production, save time and effort, and save production costs, as well as reduce maintenance and other costs.

Ⅱ. Cleaning of honeycomb board machine

Honeycomb board machine is a special equipment for producing honeycomb board products, and it is also a high loss equipment. Therefore, regular cleaning work is indispensable. So what are the requirements for cleaning the honeycomb board machine?

First of all, regularly clean the glue hopper, coating head and the roller surface of the residual glue on the honeycomb panel machine. The main thing is that it needs to be cleaned every time after using to ensure that there is no residue of glue or residual water. The honeycomb panel machine, like other mechanical equipment, needs lubricating oil to lubricate, so as to prevent the loss and damage of the honeycomb panel machine due to friction.

Secondly, it is necessary to add lubricating agent to the bearings, adjustable sliders, sprockets, chains, gears and other parts of each reversing part of the honeycomb paperboard equipment regularly every week. This is an essential step.

When the honeycomb board machine is shut down for cleaning, you should also pay attention to cleaning the periphery of the honeycomb board machine and its working environment.

If the honeycomb board machine is cleaned and put into use again after a long period of time, oil should be added to each steel roller of the honeycomb board machine to prevent rusting. The maintenance staff of it should check the entire machine every 3 months to ensure that the equipment is not abnormal.

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