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The Innovative Application of Paper Angle Protectors in the Furniture Industry

In today's highly competitive furniture market, ensuring that furniture is intact during transportation and storage is of vital significance to improving customer satisfaction and shaping brand image. As an emerging packaging material, paper angle protectors have shown their immeasurable value in the furniture industry. Meanwhile, San Machinery's angle board cutter machine is used to re-cut paper protectors into smaller pieces. Feeding is by hand. Cutting of angle board cutter machine is controlled by foot. Provide high performance and high speed integrated cutting solutions for them to quickly complete various processes such as full-cutting, half-cutting, skeletonizing, perforating, creasing, marking, and identifying contour cutting. This greatly improves the efficiency of packaging.

"Paper guards" guarding the corners of furniture

A a type of edge protector cutter, paper angle protectors play an integral role in furniture transportation due to their lightweight, easy shaping and cost-effectiveness. As furniture moves from the production line to the warehouse to the consumer's home, the corners are often the most vulnerable. Paper angle protectors can closely fit the corners of furniture, effectively resist external impact and friction, and provide solid protection for the corners of furniture.

Environmentally friendly choices for green packaging

In addition to their powerful protective functions, the paper angle protector also has significant environmental advantages. Compared with traditional plastic or wooden corner protectors, paper angle protectors are easier to degrade and cause less burden on the environment. More importantly, paper angle protectors are mostly made of recycled paper, which not only reduces production costs but also conforms to the development trend of green and circular economy. The widespread use of paper angle protectors in the furniture industry helps companies achieve green packaging and promote sustainable development.


With wear resistance, strong protective function and biodegradability, paper angle protectors are multi-functional. In warehouses, furniture often needs to be stacked to save space. At this time, the paper angle protectors can not only protect the corners of the furniture during the stacking process but also increase the friction between the furniture and prevent the furniture from sliding or falling over during the stacking process. In addition, paper angle protectors can also be used as labels or information carriers to facilitate enterprises to classify and manage furniture and improve work efficiency.