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Do You Know Anything About Honeycomb Cardboard Panels?

Honeycomb cardboard is mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, liquid crystal displays, medical equipment, auto parts, hardware and electromechanical, toys, printing, ceramics, furniture, machinery, precision molds, glass and other industries. Honeycomb cardboard is made according to the principle of natural honeycomb structure. It is a new type of sandwich structure that connects the corrugated base paper into countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by glue bonding to form a whole force-bearing part: the paper core, and the surface paper is glued on both sides of it. Environmental protection and energy saving material.

1. Learn about honeycomb cardboard panels

The honeycomb paperboard material is made by punching the honeycomb paperboard through special stamping equipment and molds, which can be used to replace EPS foam as a cushioning material for the inner packaging of the product. It is a revolutionary green new product in the packaging industry. Honeycomb cardboard has been widely used in the packaging of electronics, home appliances, instruments, glass, ceramics and other products.

Honeycomb paperboard has a wide range of uses, high strength, large bearing capacity, good elasticity, raw material saving, low cost, low quality, recyclable, and can meet the packaging needs of electronics, electrical appliances and other items. Especially suitable for heavier household appliances and electromechanical products. The cushion packaging carton for industrial products (such as products and ceramic products) consists of six active ingredients. It can be packed or disassembled at any time, which greatly reduces the packing time and saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

The honeycomb cardboard packaging eliminates the traditional frame structure. The whole package is light, delicate, high-end, elegant and generous. The height of the honeycomb cardboard can be controlled within a reasonable range by using honeycomb board machine, which increases the number of unit pallets and street transportation costs. The use of honeycomb cardboard panels can improve the green image of enterprises and products, and enhance the competitiveness of their products in the international market.

2. What are the characteristics of honeycomb cardboard panels?

The honeycomb carton box is light and heavy, and can be customized according to the size and specifications of the article. It is mainly used to replace wooden boxes for transportation. Compared with the packaging performance of wooden boxes, honeycomb paperboard packaging has 2 to 8 times higher cushioning performance and 55% to 75% lighter weight. The honeycomb cardboard packaging is fast in combination, time-saving and labor-saving, exquisite craftsmanship, and good sealing performance. Moreover, honeycomb paperboard can save a lot of wood resources and is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging product that is internationally recognized and promoted.

The use of honeycomb paperboard packaging products has good protection properties for the objects in the box. Honeycomb paperboard not only has the characteristics of anti-extrusion, anti-buffering, strong shockproof, etc., but also can be waterproof and moisture-proof by special treatment.