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Maintenance and Upkeep of Cardboard Machines: The Key to Ensuring Stable Operation and Extending Lifespan

Maintenance and upkeep of the board machine are undoubtedly essential tasks in the management of the board machine. Nowadays, many carton companies do not strictly follow the relevant regulations or the maintenance manual of the board machine for daily maintenance. Although time is allocated every day for routine Maintenance and upkeep, truly thorough work is rare. Additionally, some carton companies do not have clear responsibilities for maintenance of board machine , and no corresponding reward and punishment measures are implemented.

It is often seen that in a carton company running two shifts daily, many on-duty employees, even though they know there is an issue with the board machine, insist on continuing production, leaving the machine's problems to the next shift's operators. This behavior is extremely harmful to the board machine. Due to the operators' lack of initiative in maintaining the machine, they always wait until it breaks down before repairing it, which increases costs and delays production. Another reason is the management's lack of awareness regarding board machine maintenance, focusing only on production and being passive about maintenance, sometimes even skipping necessary routine maintenance due to urgent tasks.

Is the Maintenance and upkeep of the board machine really so important for carton companies? The answer is definitely yes. As the saying goes, "a small leak will sink a great ship." Continuing in this manner will greatly affect production. Proper Maintenance and upkeep can reduce breakdowns, increase the utilization of the machine, and create higher economic benefits. Conversely, a high failure rate will increase maintenance and operational costs, shorten the machine's lifespan, lower investment value, and increase downtime, affecting production.

Establishing Standards for Board Machine Maintenance and Upkeep

In the maintenance system, each process or machine should have a recording form to document the operation, maintenance, and repair status of the board machine, such as "Board Machine Operation Maintenance Record," "Inspection and Repair Record," "Fault Record," "Inspection Record," and "Board Machine Capability Approval Record." These records specify the daily maintenance tasks for operators and provide a log of routine upkeep, faults, and repairs.

The drafting and distribution of maintenance procedure documents is just the beginning of the board machine's maintenance work. To truly implement it effectively, we need certain measures to control the process. For example, establishing a strict and effective reward and punishment system by linking the maintenance costs to employees' income, encouraging them to proactively maintain the machine. Supervisors at all levels need to conduct necessary supervision and inspections, ultimately fostering good work habits among employees during production.

Daily Maintenance of the Board Machine

Maintenance and repair of carton packaging machinery require technical personnel to ensure the quality and performance of board machines, playing a significant role in carton production.

Regularly check and replace the lubricant in the gearbox of the carton machinery feeding section, using No. 10 machine oil.

Periodically change the oil in the gear cover of the carton machinery.

Remove dirt from all friction surfaces, especially dust or adhesive on the roller surfaces.

Disassemble and clean all rolling bearings, and apply new grease, preferably calcium-based or sodium-based grease.

Clean and re-lubricate chains and sprockets. If the chain is too loose, adjust by removing a few sections or replace it if it is severely stretched. Follow specific principles during operation, maintenance, and addressing different issues. When adjusting or replacing chains, ensure the installation direction of the spring clip at the joint is consistent with the chain's running direction to prevent impact, jumping, or detachment during operation.

Reassemble all parts after repair and, if necessary, repaint the machine's exterior.

Check if all parts are fully installed before starting the machine to observe normal operation.

Techniques to Extend the Lifespan of Board Machines

In addition to routine maintenance and problem-solving, extending the lifespan of board machines is also crucial. First, control the machine's operating temperature, regularly check the cooling system to prevent overloading under extreme temperatures. Next, taking anti-corrosion measures is key; depending on weather and air pollution, implement measures to reduce chemical corrosion impact. Lastly, regular maintenance as per the machine's manual or manufacturer's suggestion, including replacing worn parts, inspecting electrical systems, and adjusting mechanical parameters, ensures the machine remains in optimal condition.