Honeycomb Paper Core Machine

The Paper honeycomb core machine includes 2 models. There are 7 parts: Heavy load hydraulic paper stand, Paper core gluing machine, Paper core conveying pressing machine, dryer, High-speed cutting machine, Paper core conveying machine, and Electrical control cabinet. This paper honeycomb core machine can produce honeycomb paper cores in a one-stop manner. The production process starts from the base paper to directly produce the cut honeycomb paper core. The introduction of foreign advanced technology of paper honeycomb core machines eliminates the need for paper cutters and butting machines for the traditional production of honeycomb cardboard. The biggest advantage of the paper honeycomb core machine is high automation and low labor cost.

Types of Paper Honeycomb Core Machine

Normal Speed Honeycomb Paper Core Machine
Normal Speed Honeycomb Paper Core Machine

New CE Fully Automatic PLC control normal speed honeycomb paper core machine is to make endless honeycomb paper core, this normal speed honeycomb paper core machine just needs two operators. Human-machine interface, PLC control, and high auto to increase the efficiency. From paper goes into cardboard goes out, it is all completed in a fully automated production line. Only 2 to 3 operators needed, high paper utilization, advanced technology.

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