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Application of Honeycomb Cardboard Panels in Packagings

1. Understand the honeycomb cardboard panels

Honeycomb cardboard is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It connects corrugated base paper into countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by adhesive bonding method to form a whole stress-bearing part - paper core, and glues the two sides of the paper core. A new type of sandwich-structured environmentally friendly and energy-saving material made of paper.

Honeycomb cardboard panels are very popular in the market for its light weight, low price, high strength and recyclability, especially in prosperous countries and regions such as the Netherlands, the United States, and Japan, and has become a new type of green packaging that saves resources and protects the environment. Honeycomb cardboard boxes are protective packaging for export products. Its promotion and application, on the one hand, can reduce the breakage rate of products in the process of circulation; on the other hand, it can replace wooden boxes, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Honeycomb paperboard occupies a very important position in the heavy-duty packaging industry with its excellent functions. The earliest honeycomb cardboard packaging was used in the military field, and it only took a few decades in civilian packaging. In terms of packaging, what are the functions or functions of honeycomb cardboard?

2. Honeycomb cardboard panels are used in packaging

As a packaging outer box, it has high strength, impact resistance, and good shock resistance. It has been well used in heavy-duty packaging, and is also well-liked in valuable art packaging shopping malls. Honeycomb paperboard has obvious advantages:

  1. The material is light and the load-bearing is good. It can be customized according to the size and specification of the item. The honeycomb cardboard is mainly used to replace the wooden box for transportation. Compared with the wooden box function, it has 2 to 8 times higher cushioning function and 55% to 75% lighter weight. 2. Fast combination, time-saving and labor-saving, exquisite craftsmanship, good sealing function, and can save a lot of wood resources. Honeycomb cardboard is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging product that is internationally recognized and promoted. 3. The honeycomb carton series products not only have the characteristics of extrusion resistance, buffer resistance, strong shock resistance, etc., but also have a good protection function for the objects in the box, and can be specially treated to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof effects. 4. No directional constraints. Compared with corrugated cardboard, the application of honeycomb cardboard has no directionality, and honeycomb cardboard has strong bending resistance in any direction. 5. Good moisture-proof function. Because of its own function, honeycomb cardboard is a completely sealed space in the middle, and then prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside to the inside. The corrugated cardboard is transparent from top to bottom, and moisture flows in and out freely.

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