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Daily maintenance of paper slitting machine

In order not to affect the efficiency and service life of the paper slitting machine, daily maintenance is required. Now, let me introduce the maintenance measures of the slitting machine.

  • Clean and inspect parts of electrical appliances regularly to eliminate hidden dangers in time;

  • The use of the paper slitting machine is accomplished by the slitting machine and the cross-cutting machine. Therefore, high-quality slitting knives and cross-cutting knives should be used.

  • Paper roll slitting machine manufacturers suggest that the daily maintenance should be in place to ensure that it is smooth, clean, dust-free, and free of debris, and ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.

  • Stop regular and irregular inspections of rotating parts, especially stop real-time monitoring of vulnerable parts, implement regular adjustments, and change regularly. Commutators should be meticulously recorded to extend the service life of the equipment. Purpose.

  • Improve the technical quality and level of the personnel operating the San Machinery paper slitting machine. Special personnel should be assigned to control the partial operations. Others should not operate without permission.

The San Machinery paper slitting machine can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed, and is suitable for fine-tuning high-speed section and medium and small power speed regulation systems. It is also used in the unwinding or rewinding tension control system that adjusts the torque by adjusting the current to ensure that the tension remains constant during the winding process.