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Application and Benefits of Honeycomb Cardboard Panels

1. Application of honeycomb cardboard panels

Honeycomb cardboard is a low-cost green environmental protection material that has emerged in the packaging and transportation industry in recent years. It is especially suitable for packaging valuable, large and fragile items. Honeycomb cardboard panels can be used to package various electrical products such as computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., as well as high-precision instruments and meters. In the electromechanical industry, it can be used to package heavy electromechanical products, such as engines, car cylinders, motorcycles, high-voltage electrical appliances, etc. In the building materials industry, honeycomb paperboard is a good material for packaging flat glass, sanitary ceramics and sanitary ware, which can greatly reduce the breakage rate of fragile items such as glass and ceramics during transportation.

Ⅱ. The use of honeycomb cardboard panels

At present, honeycomb cardboard panels is mainly used in three aspects. One is to vigorously transport pallets. It is mainly thickened honeycomb cardboard panels with thick cardboard as the surface layer. It has good strength and light weight. It can be used instead of wooden pallets and effectively reduce deforestation. maintain the ecological environment. The other is the use of heavy-duty packaging boxes. Honeycomb cardboard panels can be made into thick wallpaper that is difficult for high-rise corrugated cardboard to replace many used packaging wooden boxes. Paper is used instead of wood to save forest resources. Another is the use of lining cushions. Honeycomb cardboard can be made into different shapes and used in packaging boxes to replace polystyrene foam pads, which not only solves the problem of white pollution, but also reduces packaging volume and packaging materials. , reduce shipping costs, really serve multiple purposes.

Ⅲ. The benefits of honeycomb cardboard panels

1. Light weight, less material and low cost. Compared with other various board structures, the honeycomb sandwich structure has a larger strength/mass ratio, so the cost performance of its finished products is good, which is the key to the success of honeycomb paperboard.

2. High strength, flat surface, not easy to deform. The honeycomb sandwich structure is approximately isotropic, has good structural stability, and is not easily deformed. Its excellent compression resistance and bending resistance are important characteristics of box packaging materials.

3. Good impact resistance and cushioning. Honeycomb paperboard is made of flexible paper core and face paper, which has good toughness and resilience. The common honeycomb sandwich structure provides excellent cushioning performance, and has high energy absorption value per unit volume among all cushioning materials. High-thickness honeycomb cardboard panels can replace EPS plastic foam cushions.

4. Sound absorption and heat insulation. The interior of the honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed cell, which is filled with air, so it has good sound insulation and heat preservation performance.

5. No pollution, in line with the modern trend of environmental protection. Honeycomb cardboard panels is all made of recyclable paper, which can be 100% recycled after use.

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