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The structure of the honeycomb paper core machine

Our honeycomb paper core machine is the latest model. It uses raw paper to produce honeycomb paper at one time, which means that the connecting machine and cutting machine can be omitted. The advantages of this machine are labor cost savings and a high degree of automation.

Our honeycomb paper core machine consists of 7 parts, and the product flow is as follows:

Paper feeder → paper preheater → gluing device → dryer device & rubber roller drive device → final gluing device → horizontal cutting device → honeycomb conveyor and collector

Each part of the paper honeycomb core machine has its own function.

1. Paper feeder: The structure is dual rotating shafts (Ø216mmX18mm shaft), with four arms (16mm thick casting structure), 150/50X450 cylinders to lift the paper roll, 65/35X1050 cylinders to move the paper in the left and right directions.

2. Paper preheater: It is composed of a tension roller, and elastic pressure is applied to the spring to automatically adjust the tension of the paper.

3. Adhesive unit: rubber roller production process: heater treatment---mechanical processing---grinding machine---anilox roller technology---fine grinding---polishing---coated with hard chromium (0.05) mm)---Polishing

4. Drying unit & rubber roller drive unit: the conveying roller is a rubber roller with a diameter of 180mm as the main drive. The heating water tank is placed in the oven, one side is connected to steam, and the other side is water discharged.

5. Final gluing machine: The gluing system has glue roller + squeeze roller + rubber roller, and the distance between each roller can be adjusted by handwheel and slider.

6. Horizontal cutting unit: The knife frame adopts ductile iron structure, and the frame adopts 60mm thick heavy steel plate. The production process is welding frame --- heater treatment (overall frame) --- frame and tool holder frame processed by CNC machine tool (one time) --- installing tool holder on the frame.

7. Honeycomb conveyor and collector: The belt conveyor sends the honeycombs into the stacking area, and automatically adjusts the height of the stacking platform according to the height of the honeycomb stacking.