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The use environment and working conditions of the honeycomb cutter

The use environment of the honeycomb cutter directly affects the characteristics and service life of electrical appliances and parts. A suitable environment can not only reduce the frequency of maintenance, but also reduce the loss of equipment and prolong the service life of the honeycomb cutter. The use environment requirements of the honeycomb panel slitting machine:   

1. Keep the room well ventilated.

2. The ambient temperature is -10℃+40℃.

3. Try to avoid high temperature and humidity, the humidity is less than 90%RH, and no rain drops.

4. Avoid direct sunlight to the honeycomb paper cutting machine.

5. There is no flammable, corrosive gas or liquid in the environment where the equipment is placed.

6. The installation foundation of the honeycomb cutter is fixed without vibration.

7. The use of the honeycomb cutter needs to be free of electromagnetic interference and far away from the interference source.

In the case of basic confirmation of the large use environment, it is also necessary to confirm the working conditions of the honeycomb cutter in detail, including:

1. Before beginning to ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalents are correct and stable.

2. Before the equipment is ready for operation of the honeycomb cutter, all staff must be notified to leave the equipment to ensure personal safety before they can start operation.

3. During operation, please do not touch the running roll or core, and should not participate in causing personal injury.

4. During the operation, do not use a knife or hard objects to scratch, and cut the core of each roll.

5. Before the equipment works, check the workplace for proper adjustments, check the lubrication requirements, pre-fill with lubricant, and check whether the tools are sharp.