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Advantages and Characteristics of Honeycomb Panel Machine

Honeycomb panel machine is used for composite board in packaging industry. It can provide a variety of specifications to the customers to meet their personalized requirements, these honeycomb panel machines undergo rigorous testing before they are finally in the market. So what is honeycomb panel machine?

Ⅰ. The classification and application of honeycomb cardboard panels

The model of plastic honeycomb cardboard panel is mainly divided according to the bore diameter of honeycomb cardboard panel and the density of honeycomb core.

The application of honeycomb cardboard panel:

1. Honeycomb cardboard panel is used for exterior wall board of building curtain wall;

2. Honeycomb cardboard panel is used for interior decoration project;

3. Honeycomb cardboard panel is used for advertising board;

4. Honeycomb cardboard panel is used for shipbuilding;

5. Honeycomb cardboard panel is used for aeronautical manufacture;

6. Honeycomb cardboard panel is used for indoor partition and commodity display stand;

7. Honeycomb cardboard panel is used for commercial transport vehicles and container truck bodies;

8. Honeycomb cardboard panel is used for buses, trains, subways, rail transit vehicles;

9. For the modern furniture industry with very strict environmental protection requirements, using honeycomb cardboard panel to make work materials of the furniture is a good materials options in the new century, the non-toxic green quality of honeycomb cardboard panel can make less unnecessary environmental protection process for the furniture merchant to make furniture; In addition, the honeycomb cardboard panel can be diversified, such as wood, aluminum, gypsum board, natural marble stone, those materials all can be made into honeycomb cardboard panel, it is convenient to choose material.

Ⅱ. Advantages and characteristics of honeycomb panel machine

The advantages of honeycomb panel machine:

1. Honeycomb panel machine adopts full hydraulic shaftless paper frame, which is more convenient to operate; Using automobile disc brake structure and the tension control is stable. Overall adopts casting structure, the mechanical properties of honeycomb board machine is more stable.

2. High speed horizontal cutting honeycomb plate machine, it does not contact with the glue line while cutting, the core paper smoothly feed into the cutter. It adopts imported cutting tool, it is durable and it is with imported high-precision guide rail and high cutting precision.

3. Honeycomb panel machine synchronous cutting mechanism adopts servo tracking, the cutting precision is high; Using Taiwan ball screw, walking freely; Using imported high-precision guide rail, it has flexible movement and high cutting precision.

The characteristic of honeycomb panel machine:

1. Honeycomb panel machine is highly appreciated for its high speed performance.

2. These are all acknowledged as low maintenance and low operating costs.

3. Honeycomb panel machines are constructed in a user-friendly design.