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Honeycomb Pallet is an Alternative to the Traditional Pallet

Many companies are looking for ways to maximize their efforts to create a healthier and more environmentally friendly environment. Conserving resources and minimizing waste are two ways we can all contribute to the well-being of the planet. If you recycle plastic bottles or go to the grocery store with reusable bags, you are already helping to improve the environment. Many food wholesale distributors are looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative than traditional wooden pallets. Food distributors want to find a lighter pallet and reduce transportation costs. Through process evaluation, the supplier found another packaging method: honeycomb pallets.

Ⅰ. Learn about the honeycomb pallet

What is honeycomb paper? Honeycomb paper is an environmentally friendly, economical, and efficient custom engineered kraft paper material that can be used as void filling packaging, pallets, dunnage and other packaging alternatives. It connects individual kraft paper tapes together to form a series of hexagonal units, thereby creating a product with considerable strength. With its wide application, there are more and more honeycomb paper board manufacturers.

Honeycomb pallets are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective custom engineered kraft paper material that can be used as void filling packaging, pallets, dunnage and other packaging alternatives. Honeycomb pallets are a substitute for traditional pallets, and their weights vary greatly. Compared with wooden pallets, the weight of our pallets is reduced by 75%. The unique structure of the honeycomb pallet deck has high compressive strength, so it has very good load stability. The honeycomb tray can be easily manufactured into any required size and shape, so it can be used in many areas of logistics and storage. For example, conveyor/roller transportation, furniture, door and window industry, frozen goods storage and transportation, can be used in trade and retail fields.

Ⅱ. The advantages of using honeycomb pallet packaging

Honeycomb pallets bring the following advantages to the packaging market:

1. The weight of honeycomb pallets is much lighter than traditional wooden pallets. Wooden pallets can weigh up to 50 pounds, while honeycomb pallets weigh about 18 pounds. That is a difference of 32 pounds. If you use honeycomb pallets instead of traditional wooden pallets, the load per truck will be reduced by 768 pounds.

2. It is easy to be handled and will not be broken. They are made of 100% paper and can be recycled, thus reducing the cost of pallet replacement.

3. The honeycomb tray can be designed into four different types: block design, runner design, 4-way entry, and film.