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CE Approved High Speed Paper Edge Protector Machine

Paper edge protector / edge board production line is made of 10 parts: paper stand→gluing part→composite part→guiding part→preforming part→heating part→forming

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Specifications of Paper Edge Protector Machine

L protector size25-100mm (can be symmetrical and asymmetrical)
Applicable inner paper360-600gsm bobbin fiber paper
Applicable surface paper175-250gsm kraft paper
Core diameter of paper roll3” (76mm) (4” or other size possible)
Max. quantity of Layer13 layers, including one layer surface paper
Working speed0-50m/min
Control systemPLC, servo motor, touch screen (HMI) with automatic alarm and failure notice, easy for operation and adjustment.
Paper standsModel G. Suspended paper stands (buffering effect) with hoist for inner paper. Possible to load 13 reels.
Forming wheelsChamber hanging type, easy to change molds
Method to load paper rollLoad inner paper rolls by hoist (along with machine). No need to stop machine when loading paper rolls.
Applicable paper roll diameterMax.1300mm
Paper feeding and compoundingModel G, step type with complex structure
Gluing systemCascade type gluing system
Glue feedingAutomatic feeding by diaphragm pump
Pressing adjustmentPneumatic pressing to protect paper and easier operation
Cutting methodHydraulic cutting
Moving of cutting headServo motor controlled by PLC
Min. cutting length100mm
Max. cutting frequency90times/minute
Cutting tolerance1000±0.2mm
StackerModel G, automatic stacking
Motor for forming sectiontwo motors with inverter, with high power, direct connected reducing motor
Power supply20.7KW 220V, 60HZ 3 phase
Air supply0.6Mpa, 0.2m3/min
Total weight4.5T
Dimension24.5×1.8×1.9m (highest point for hoist is 2.9m)
Required containerOne 40’ container

Advantages of High Speed Paper Edge Board Machine

  • PLC control 

  • Automatic feeding, stacking system. Low intensity working strength with high efficiency. 

  • Pneumatic pressure system. The pneumatic pressure device is flexibility, so it is safe and reliable, paper production is high quality.

  • Glue temperature control device. Electrical heating system, ensure the quality of the production, especial in low temperature working.

  • High speed at 50m/min, save time and labor to save cost.

Details of High Speed Paper Edge Board Machine

  • Details of High Speed Paper Edge Board Machine

    Suspended paper stand with buffering effect, replace the paper rolls with hoist, no need to stop the machine. Applicable inner paper: 360-600gsm bobbin fiber paper or corrugated medium paper or testliner. Paper less the 360gsm can be used but paper quality should be good. Must have no breaking during production.

  • Details of High Speed Paper Edge Board Machine

    Automatic controller for glue temperature. With diaphragm pump and heating. Feeding glue by diaphragm pump and applying glue by pipes. Suitable for single face gluing and double faces gluing. Heating temperature is 38-40℃. Heating glue is normally used in winter. To make glue dry easier and keep same high speed as in other seasons. When the adhesive is heated it dries faster.

  • Details of High Speed Paper Edge Board Machine

    Hydraulic cutting system, maximum frequency is 90 times/minute.

  • Details of High Speed Paper Edge Board Machine

    Automatic stacking system with counter, no need to count manually. After production, the edge boards can be transported and handled. No need to spend special time drying them. They will be dry in 2-3 days.

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